Christina Crawford


The Truth Behind "Mommie Dearest "

Bonus section: The LaLonde Exposé - Exposing Casey LaLonde

The Documents


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  • Alfred Steele's Death Certificate (April 21st, 1959)(Contains a certified copy of Alfred Steele's death certificate verifying Steele's cause of death was not from a "fall down stairs" as Christina Crawford has falsely claimed in various interviews since 1998.

  • Christina Crawford's sworn legal Objection To Probate Joan Crawford's will (October 24th, 1977)(Contains multiple sworn statements by Christina that directly contradict allegations claimed in "Mommie Dearest." According to Christina's 1988 book "Survivor," she signed this legal document on the same day that she met with publisher William Morrow regarding her manuscript, "Mommie Dearest")

  • Christina Crawford's first court-ordered sworn deposition (February 9th-10th, 1978) (Contains a voluminous amount of statements that directly contradict allegations claimed in "Mommie Dearest." Including repeated direct denial of knowledge pertaining to violent abuse upon her by Joan Crawford. According to Christina's 1988 book "Survivor," she attended this deposition and submitted her final installments of "Mommie Dearest" to William Morrow during the same trip to New York)

  • Legal counsel correspondence regarding the requested deposition of Christopher Crawford and his repeated refusal (1978)

  • Correspondence between legal counsel regarding the request for a second deposition of Christina Crawford (July 1978)

  • Affidavit In Support of Proponent's Motion (September 25th, 1978)
    (An Affidavit by the Estate's attorney asking the Court to immediately dismiss Christina's Objection to Probate Joan Crawford's Will in the event she refuses to appear for her continued deposition (scheduled for October 23rd-24th, 1978), after Christina was a no-show at the August 31st -September 1st deposition; As well as for Christina to produce a copy of the "Mommie Dearest" manuscript for review by the Estate's attorney in preparation for trial)

  • Documents pertaining to Cathy Crawford LaLonde's defamation lawsuit against Christina Crawford (1998 -1999)