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Your journey to discovering the facts, the evidence and the truth...

    Dear reader, welcome to Christina Crawford Lied. Congratulations to you for taking the first step on discovering the truth behind "Mommie Dearest," and the false allegations that have plagued Joan Crawford's legacy since 1978.

     Let's begin with the facts:

Fact: Christina Crawford lied.

Fact: No one has ever publicly corroborated Christina Crawford's lies.

Fact: Several firsthand eyewitnesses have countered Christina Crawford's lies.

Fact: Christina Crawford has given two radically contradicting versions of her relationship and experiences with her mother.

One version in her memoir, "Mommie Dearest;" and the second version in numerous sworn legal documents and two court-ordered, under-oath, depositions. Christina supplied both versions in 1978, and simultaneous in time.

     The above facts are only the beginning of untangling the lies. Within the various sections of this website you will be given documentation; first-hand, eyewitness accounts; and absolute, undeniable, black-and-white proof of Christina's lies. 

     "Christina Crawford Lied," is 100% NON-PROFIT. Much of Joan Crawford's legacy has been wrongly tarnished due to various individuals' quest for money. Therefore, this website will not participate in requesting, or accepting, money for this cause. This cause was created, and operates, in the interest of truth, justice and accountability. 

     This website will not tell you what to believe. The public has been lead to believe too many falsities about Joan Crawford. The goal of this website is to present you with the direct facts and the proof. The proof will speak for itself.

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An Open Letter To Christina Crawford...

Christina Crawford, 

     Please consider this open letter an invitation to participate in a video-recorded public meeting regarding the evidence countering your allegations against Joan Crawford. Despite your refusal to allow Joan Crawford the rightful opportunity to respond to your false allegations, by publishing your allegations after her death, this website is extending to you a fair opportunity to confront the evidence presented here.

     Naturally, any meeting would require stipulations. Namely, that such a meeting would be video-recorded and in the presence of legal counsel, and, potentially, in front of a public audience for full transparency. Such arrangements would be agreed upon between the parties prior to said meeting. 

     If you proclaim this website's allegations to be false, I suggest a video-recorded meeting as so that you have the full, and uninterrupted, ability to publicly counter the evidence as you see fit. If you have nothing to hide, then you would be well served by such a meeting.


Christina Crawford Lied

A History of The Lies...

     On May 17th, 1977, unemployed 37-year-old Christina Crawford discovered that she had been disinherited by her adoptive mother, film actress Joan Crawford. In October 1978, Christina published her memoir, "Mommie Dearest." Christina's memoir became a New York Times' best seller due to the shocking accusations against one of the world's most well-known celebrities. However, several of the most outrageous allegations within Christina's memoir have been countered by those who lived in the home, and firsthand eyewitnesses who were present during exact events described in her memoir.

     Since the book's original release, Christina Crawford has created a four-decades long career by capitalizing off her alleged "abuse." This included Christina self-publishing three anniversary editions of her memoir; Promoting her memoir on-stage with a drag queen dressed as her mother; brandishing a wire hanger decorated as a Christmas ornament to a theater audience; co-producing a one-woman show entitled "Surviving Mommie Dearest"; and creating a musical version of her book.

     With each passing decade, Christina has added additional, even more outlandish, allegations against her mother; such as the claim that Joan Crawford caused Christina's stroke in 1981 (more than four years after Joan had died), and that Joan murdered her husband, Alfred Steele.

     In 1998, Christina's sister, Cathy LaLonde, successfully sued her for defamation of character after Christina made false and defamatory statements about LaLonde, and her sister, Cindy Jordan, during Christina's tour to promote the 20th anniversary of "Mommie Dearest."

     Besides "Mommie Dearest," Christina has published other memoirs whereby she claims to be the perpetual victim of circumstance and/or the actions of other people in her life. In 1988's "Survivor," Christina places blame on multiple people, besides her mother, for the on-going issues in her adult life, and for why she was in financial hardship only seven years after publishing the financially successful "Mommie Dearest." In 2014's "Scammed: A True Story of Christina & The General," Christina chronicles falling "victim" yet again. This time to a fictitious internet love interest.

     For decades the public has taken Christina's allegations as truth. However, recently uncovered original documents, unpublished firsthand, eyewitness testimonies and a refreshed look into her allegations has revealed, beyond a doubt, that Christina Crawford lied regarding the relationship and experiences between she and her mother.

     "Christina wanted to be our mother...

I can't understand how people believe this stupid stuff she has written."

   - Cindy Crawford Jordan

   (Daughter of Joan Crawford)

     "It was a pack of lies that made your hair stand on end...I found Christina to be an opportunist, dishonest and distorting everything, every single action of her mother. I have utter contempt for Christina."

- Billie Greene 

  (The secretary Christina Crawford claims witnessed Joan Crawford strangle her)

     "I was one of Christina Crawford's closest friends...then she did something terrible to me, and it opened my eyes to the fact that if she could f*** me over in such a huge way, how had I stood by and allowed her to screw her adopted mother and not say, or do, anything all these years."

- Pam DuBois

  (Daughter of singer Patty Andrews)

     "This was a young woman with an incredible attitude. I’ve never seen anything like her determination to be something that she wasn’t. She wanted to be Joan Crawford. I think that’s the basis of the book she wrote afterward and everything else. I saw what her mind created, the fantasy world she lived in.”

    - Myrna Loy

      (Actress and former co-star to Christina Crawford)

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     This petition is directed to New York State Attorney General Letitia James, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Manhattan Police Chief Keechant L. Sewell.

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