Christina Crawford


The Truth Behind "Mommie Dearest "

Bonus section: The LaLonde Exposé - Exposing Casey LaLonde


 The Witnesses


     Since the publication of Christina Crawford's memoir, "Mommie Dearest," in October 1978, many people who knew/know both Christina and Joan Crawford have come forward to denounce Christina's allegations against her mother. Among Joan's defenders are some of the closest people to both women. This includes Joan's daughters, Cathy LaLonde and Cindy Jordan; Joan's former husbands, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Alfred Steele (in a 1958 interview) and Phillip Terry; and several of Joan's former household employees, including Joan's secretary and friend of over 45 years, Betty Barker.

     Additionally, there are many people who knew Joan and Christina firsthand and, in many cases, intimately, for many years as family friends, acquaintances and co-workers. It is those who are closely connected to the home and family who have repeated, and adamantly, denied Christina's allegations.

     Below is an alphabetical list of those who are currently known to have publicly defended Joan Crawford against Christina's allegations. Click the person's name to see/hear/read their testimonial.

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Family Members and Household staff:

Betty Barker (Joan's long-term secretary)

Janet Crawford (Christopher Crawford's daughter)

Joan Evans (Joan's goddaughter)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Joan's former husband)

Billie Greene (Joan's former secretary)

Cynthia Crawford Jordan (Joan's daughter)

Cathy Crawford LaLonde (Joan's daughter)

Darinka Papich (Joan's friend and caregiver)

Alfred N. Steele (Joan's husband)

Phillip Terry (Joan's former husband and parent to Christina Crawford)

Friends and Co-workers of Christina Crawford:

Mickey Beaman (Christina's former friend)

Pam DuBois (Daughter of singer Patty Andrews and Christina's friend)

Marc Huestis (Christina's former manager/partner)

Joan Feldman Hollander (Christina's former friend and roommate)

Myrna Loy (friend and co-star to Joan and Christina)

Gloria Monty (Christina's former director)

Elvis Presley (Christina's co-star and acquaintance)

Family Friends of Joan and Christina Crawford:

Jane Kesner Ardmore (Joan's friend and biographer)

Dorothy Barrett (Joan's friend and co-star)

Joan Crawford Co-workers & Acquaintances:

Ann Blyth (Joan's friend and co-star)

Ben Cooper (Joan's friend and co-star)

Ellen Corby (Joan's friend and co-star)

George Cukor (Joan's friend and film director)

Bette Davis (Joan's co-star)

Gloria DeHaven (Joan's friend and co-star)

Marlene Dietrich (Joan's acquaintance)

Shirley Eder (friend and reporter)

Radie Harris (Joan's friend and reporter)

Katharine Hepburn (Joan's acquaintance)

Bob Hope (Joan's acquaintance)

Herbert Kenwith (Joan's friend)

Elva Martin (Joan's friend and hairstylist)

Cliff Robertson (Joan's friend and co-star)

Vincent Sherman (Joan's friend and director)

John Springer (Joan's friend)

The Other Side

     It would be one-sided to list the above witnesses without also listing those who claim to have been aware of questionable behavior by Joan towards her children. However, over the years these people's actual quotes have been taken out of context, and outright misquoted by the media and by laymen observers. 

     Below is an alphabetical list of those who are currently known to have publicly shared a questionable behavior by Joan.

Note those listed below confirmed that Joan was a strict parent. Perhaps too strict. However, they never cited ever witnessing any actual abuse. Yet, these people are frequently referenced as "witnesses of the abuse."

     Accompanying those who are listed below are their actual quotes regarding Joan and Christina Crawford.

June Allyson (Joan's friend)

Greg Bautzer (Joan's former lover)

Kirk Douglas (Joan's friend)

Helen Hayes (Joan's friend)

James MacArthur (son of Helen Hayes)

Natalie Schafer (Joan's co-star)

Vincent Sherman (Joan's friend and director)