Christina Crawford


The Truth Behind "Mommie Dearest "

Bonus section: The LaLonde Exposé - Exposing Casey LaLonde

The Witnesses

Janet Crawford - Daughter of Christopher Crawford

     "I have been made to feel responsbile for the fact [Joan Crawford] left us nothing. See, dad had drinking problems, and when he returned from the reading of the will he yelled at me: "Joan hated you because you made her a grandmother. You made her old, and that's why I was cut out of the will!"

     “I have two boys. One, Sean, is identical to my brother Scott and my father [Christopher]. We’re treating Sean’s hyperactivity medically, but three generations have had this condition. It must come from something.
     Joan said she didn’t believe in heredity, but my dad proves her wrong. He, my brother and my son all look alike and act alike."

         - Cindy Adams' Column, 1992

Christopher Crawford as an adult with his daughter, Janet