Christina Crawford


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Joan Crawford's Estate's Demand For A Bill Of Particulars

Signed March 1st, 1978

     On March 1st, 1978, Joan Crawford's estate requested that Christina Crawford submit a Bill of Particulars. A legal Bill of Particulars is a sworn legal document in which a party has to explain the allegations in his/her complaint, or petition, in more detail. The court granted Joan's estate's request.

     This Bill of Particuarls demand requested responses to 14 points of objection cited in Christina's Objection To Probate. Christina did not want to comply with this demand, and, through her attorneys, fought to not submit the Bill of Particulars. After the court demanded these inquires be addressed by Christina, she only complied with responding to 4 of the 14 requested responses.

     Christina's submitted Bill of Particulars can be viewed here.